With having two locations in the Greater Manchester area, our Judo clubs are great places to learn and practice the sport of Judo. Led by Sensei Steve Pullen, MBE (7th Dan), our dojos provides a safe and fun environment for the whole family. Classes are held on weekday evenings and during the day on the weekends.

We are located in Cheadle’s Drill Hall and Manchester Armitage Centre

Please refer to the dojo schedule for class times.

We are always happy to have visitors. If you are curious about the sport of Judo, please stop by
to watch a class or take a free introductory lesson.

For more information contact us or by telephone at 07714248790

Why Judo

There are many benefits of Judo, beginning with self-defense. Although the creator of Judo intended this martial art to be more of a sport, it has morphed into an effective self-defense technique. When taking Judo, you will learn a variety of skills involving balance, coordination and effective motion. You will also learn how to fall safely so that you do not injure yourself. These benefits will aid you dramatically if you are ever caught in a physical confrontation. In fact, what you learn in Judo about safe falls can be acclimated to other activities. This will lower your risk of sustaining a serious injury while competing in other sports.

Judo not only works out the body, but it also works out the mind. When taking Judo, you will build self-confidence, trust, self-discipline, and respect for yourself and others. There are specific rules and regulations that one must follow in Judo, such as respecting your teacher as well as your opponent. Many of the locks and holds involve a great deal of trust, which cannot be formed without some level of respect. Judo participants always shake hands before and after matches, which is an honored and special tradition.

In addition to positively affecting the mind and body, Judo is also good for the spirit. The fluid range of movement is somewhat of a mediation, which calms the mind and soothes the soul. When not participating with a partner or an opponent, there are certain techniques one can practice alone. These techniques involve breathing exercises that lift the spirit. Many people often report lower stress levels and peace of mind when taking a martial art as spirituality is often a key aspect of every martial art, and is not unique to Judo. Judo has also been known to positively affect the lives of special needs individuals and build confidence in others who have been bullied or picked on.